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About Gerry Harrington


Gerry Harrington Traditional Irish Fiddle Player, Performer, Teacher, Producer, Recording  Engineer, Photographer. I have helped people to make a career from music.


       "Passing On Old Music To A New Generation"



Gerry Harrington grew up in Kenmare Co. Kerry in beautiful surroundings and scenery. At an early age Gerry was very interested in music which was influenced by the landscape and the wonderful musicians of the day. Since then Gerry has recorded seven albums and has taught Irish Traditional Fiddle playing and the history that goes with it in many countries and all over Ireland and provides music for private gatherings, weddings and funerals. 


All of Gerry Harringtons recorded albums are  based on researching the old traditional tunes and bringing them to a new time.  Gerry is skilled in  performance, teaching, recording, mixing, production, and has a great interest in nature  photography. He has also has performed and taught music in many countries, including the US, Alaska, France, Finland, Holland and has had students from Japan come to his home for tuition.


Gerry Harrington is very passionate about passing on the Traditional music, with feeling and emotion to a new generation with the skills he has learned in his association with many musicians he has encountered on his musical journey. “My greatest pleasure in life is bringing enjoyment to people through my music, teaching fiddle,  taking long walks with my dog while taking photos of this wonderful country we live in and it also very much inspires me in my music.”


Gerry Harrington Trad music
Gerry Harrington traditional Irish Fiddle Teacher lessons
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